SEO Monitoring Tools

Use Traffic Estimate's free online website tools to aid you in your SEO efforts. Getting your search engine optimization right is no small task, but having monitoring tools and the best website analytics helps. You can also search for websites and domain names or find new website keywords for on-page SEO.

Multiple Website Search Engine Position
Check multiple websites' search engine position with a single keyword.

Reverse IP/Look-up Script
Resolve a host to an IP address.

IP Locator (country)
Locate the country an IP address resides in.

HTTP Header Extractor
Extract the HTTP Headers of a web page.

HTTP Header Viewer
View the headers of the site of your choice.

Meta-Tag Generator
Generate meta-tags for your site.

Unix Time Converter
Convert UNIX internal time formats to a date or vice versa.

Google Banned Checker
Check to see if a website is banned from Google.

MD5 Encrypter
Encrypt text with MD5 encoding.

HTML Encrypter
Encrypt your HTML code to hide it from visitors.

Website Speed Test
Find out how fast your website loads.

Keyword Density Checker
Check the density of different keywords at the site of your choice.

Site Spider Viewer
Find various SEO statistics and spider information about your site.

Link Analyzer
Analyze incoming and outgoing links.